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The forefathers believed that there is no better form of government than one that will promote the general welfare of the people . As such they created the American Constitution in order to protect the weakest and most vulnerable members of the society . To successfully protect the state , the country needs to have a reliable criminal justice system and in order to do that , they must have a trustworthy court system

Courts are defined as governmental bodies that have the power to adjudicate all legal disputes

through interpreting the law and applying it depending on the cases presented at them (Your Dictionary .com , 2010 The judicial system of the United States is composed of the federal and the state courts . Both these courts are charged with the responsibility of hearing different types of cases which are not independent of each other . The goal of the courts is to solve all legal disputes and vindicate the rights of the people (United States Courts , 2010 . The framework and origin of the court system can be traced to the United States Constitution . This system established for the courts is known as federalism which means that the federal authority has but a limited power over the courts . The scope of jurisdiction of the Federal Courts is provided for in Article III , Section 2 of which provides that the judicial power shall be vested in the American Supreme Court and in all inferior Courts as the legislative department may establish (Find Law...

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