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Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio

Running Head : Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio

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Is Media A Real Cause Of Violence And Crime , Or Do They Simply Report What They See

Much hype has been created about weather media is increasing violence or not . Media violence is what is shown in the movies as action , is what is being broadcasted by news channel as news about murders , kidnapping etc Violence illustrated by media can lead to aggressive behavior and can be dangerous

There are people supporting that media is

creating violence and then there are those who blame the government for not being able to control crime in society (Media-awareness .com . My opinion belongs to the first group media in some way is causing violence and crime . Crime has prevailed in our society for decades but the rise in juvenile crimes is astonishing . According to a report by United States Department of Justice law enforcement agencies arrested approx 2 .8 million juveniles in 1997 . Of that number , 2 ,500 were arrested for murder and 121 ,000 for other violent crimes . Juveniles accounted for 19 of all arrests , 14 of murder arrests , and 17 of all violent crime arrests ' It further states that By age 18 an American child will have seen 16 ,000 simulated murders and 200 ,000 acts of violence (judiciary .senate .gov .If media is not affecting the adults , it is definitely affecting children . People who do not agree with this statement should think about the horrifying Columbine High School massacre . The media if not completely but partially did lead to school shootings in Littleton Colorado , Taber , Alberta and Erfurt , Germany (Media-awareness .com . The youth is far more violent than before . A study showed that 5 .9 of the American high school students , 30 days before the survey , carried a gun and 18 carried a knife , razor , etc on regular basis and 9 of them take a weapon to school (judiciary .senate .gov . The media is reporting what is true in form of news but what it shows as captured images is triggering violence in our society

Do Offender Deterrence , Victimization Reduction , And Citizen Participation Programs Work

Is Excessive Use Of Force A Systematic Problem

Excessive use of force is not a present problem . Is has existed forever and it can be said that it will exist even after correctable measures have been taken . Excessive use of force by police is a serious issue and many cases have been reported that depict brutality by men in uniforms

There has been a very famous case of Rodney King . In 1991 a video televised nationwide showed Los Angeles three police officers kicking and beating a man lying on the ground with their nightsticks (ACLU 1997 . In another incident in December 1996 48 people died of asphyxia in a cloud of pepper spray while handcuffed behind the back in a prone position (1997 . According to me excessive use of force is inappropriate . It violates civil rights and if matters can be...

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