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Criminal Justice Administration Questions

Running Head : Criminal Justice Administration Questions






1 . Difference between Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology is the social study of crime in an individual and the society as a whole . This study includes the evaluation of the impact of crime to the society , how the society responds to it and how it can be prevented (Beccaria , 1764 . This discipline involves looking at the punitive modes and how effective they are . It neutrally evaluates crime and factors and forces that may cause it . This are

environmental hereditary and psychological factors and correlates them with the punitive , treatment and corrective measures taken by the law enforcement bodies such as courts and rehabilitation centres . The aim of criminology is to study crime and remove aspects and actions included in its definition that no longer conflict with the society 's norms and those that are in accordance with the norms without causing any danger or threat to the society (Garland , 2002

Criminal justice is the study and application of laws associated with criminal behaviour . Criminal justice is a disciplinary that is taken by all police officers , both prosecuting and defending lawyers and any person intending to involve themselves in legal matters involving justice . The important aspect of this study is justice (Smartt , 2006 Justice in this case applies to both the victims and the defendant where it means fair trial of the defendant and also that the victim feels satisfied with the decision made to punish whoever wronged them Most...

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