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Criminal Investigation Assessment Unit VI ESSAY QUESTIONS


Criminal Investigation Assessment (Your Name (Your School

The difference of the process of investigating a robbery differ from the process of investigating an assault

Robbery investigation process are mainly tackled by polices trained in the offering searches investigation results . In most cases , robbery investigations may not requires the immediately actions to be taken This means robbery investigations process may take longer periods before they are accomplished . While robbery investigations are mostly lead to gathering of material which were involved in the robbery process , the assault

investigations has much little to do with the objects used in most assault investigation . Hence , robbery investigations do not comprises of many integrations of different experts and organizations as it is with assaults

Most robbery investigation process are initiated the by security officers . As most robbery incidents occurs in front of most security men , this means that the police and other security individuals are much involved in delivering the courts statement in the investigations process . While robbery investigations can be done without the actualization of the robbery acts , there is little to be done on matters relating to assaults when the assault acts is not accomplished . This is because assault investigation procedures dictate that the process to begin once the offence has been committed and communicated (Bruce 2008

While the process of investigations of assault case begins from the point of scene of assault , the robbery process does not necessary has to embark from the point of incidence . Robbery investigations...

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