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Criminal Case

O .J . Simpson Celebrity Criminal Case

In modern U .S . society , law can be divided into two broad categories criminal law and civil law . All law other than criminal law is known as civil law it includes tort law (persona wrongs and damages , property law (the law governing the transfer and ownership of property , and contract law (the law of personal agreements

The major objective of criminal law is to protect public against harm by preventing criminal offenses . The primary concern of the civil law---in the area of private wrongs , or torts

, for example---is that the injured party be compensated for any harm done . The aggrieved person usually initiates proceedings to recover monetary damages . In contrast when a crime is committed , the state initiates the legal process and imposes a punishment in the form of a criminal sanction . Furthermore , in criminal law , the emphasis is on the intent of the individual committing the crime a civil proceeding gives primary attention to affixing the blame each party deserves for producing the damage of conflict

The widely publicized case of O .J . Simpson provides a good example , as the same case went through both criminal and civil proceedings . In the so-called Trial of the Century---Part I , the famous athlete was tried by the State of California and acquitted of the murder of his wife , Nicole and her friend , Ron Goldman , in a criminal prosecution . As a defendant Simpson was required to be in court but did not have to testify during the trial . The standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt ' was used to assess the evidence , and the verdict had to be unanimous . A conviction would have brought a sentence of life in prison . To many particularly in minority communities , the trial of Orenthal James Simpson became not so much fortitude of his guilt or innocence of murder in the first degree , away from a reasonable doubt , but whether or not a black man could find justice in a legal system designed by and largely administered by whites . To others , many of whom were white , the key issue was whether a mostly minority jury would convict a black celebrity in spite of of the weight of proof against him (Prologue

To others , the dreadful deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman always seemed stage left , as the man on trial for their murders commanded center stage in his fight to prove prejudice and racism were the real issues on trial , using a pack of slick lawyers willing to go around the parameters of legal manners and suitable courtroom conduct to attain their objectives , transforming their client , an accused double murderer , into some kind of political prisoner (Prologue

The informed police and the officers from the LAPD found on the site another corpse which was later known as Ronald Goldman . The four officers - Phillip Vannatter , Ronald Phillips , Tom Lange , and Mark Fuhrman , went to the scene and began penetrating the premises . In an upstairs bedroom , Nicole and OJ 's children were...

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