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Criminal Acts/ Offender Behavior


Christa Pike : Woman Criminal in Focus

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Christa Pike : Woman Criminal in Focus

The law governing society ensures an ed and peaceful civilization Any act which can disrupt this liness is therefore punishable by law . Such acts can be traced back from anti-social behaviours . This can then lead to delinquent activities , arrest , conviction and finally incarceration . This behavioural pattern is what is called as criminality (Morley Hall , 2003

It is

the objective of this to review the concept of criminality and to enumerate the possible origin of this kind of behaviour Specifically , this aims to focus on women offenders and the psychology behind their unlawful acts . A specific criminal will be assessed , and that is , Christa Pike . The crime , the circumstances behind the crime the punishment for the crime , as well as the facts in relation to the life of the perpetrator , will also be examined . Finally , the theories relating criminality and the causes of criminality will be used to analyze the researched facts surrounding Christa Pike

The Factors Associated with Criminality

For years , psychologists had tried to explain the ultimate root of criminality in the world . Several factors were cited as the determining factors for these unlawful acts . One is concerned about the genetic predisposition of an individual to perform criminal activities , and the other one lies on the concept of environmentally-related causes

Criminality as Determined by Genetics

If a person possesses the genes that can code for aggressive and psychologically disturbing behaviour , then it can be predicted that this particular individual will perform criminal activities some time in his lifetime . This line of reasoning was the basis for sterilization of criminals , such as rapists , imbeciles and the like in the early times of society (Miles , 1997 . This is what is called as the genetic theory of criminal behaviours . Studies which support this theory involved studies concerning twins . The tendency of monozygotic or identical twins (an egg fertilized by a single sperm and divides to produce two cells which have the same DNA pro ) separated from birth , to participate in criminal activities were confirmed . In a study conducted by Joseph in 2001 , he showed that childhood , as well as adult anti-social behaviours , if evident in the subjects , will be observed in both of the siblings . This implied a high correlation of criminality and genetics . The study was done through searching the criminal records of thirty-two monozygotic twins who were adopted by non-relatives and were raised apart from each other (Joseph , 2001 . Another study to support the theory of genetics in criminal tendencies was concerned about children who were given up for adoption by their incarcerated mothers when they were born . It was shown that criminal mothers had a high tendency to give birth to criminal children , even if these mothers did not raise the children themselves (Tehrani Mednick , 2000 . Thus , this implied that the predisposition to act against the law can...

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