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Creative writing


Ever since I was a child people already rendered me a great beauty to the point that many people envies me . I am beautiful , I got a gorgeous body , and I am rich , many people claims that I got everything a girl could possibly want and they are right . Many want to write something about me since I am the toss of Paris . Painters clamor on our doorsteps just to have the chance of painting my portrait , yet the only ones allowed to paint my portrait are those who rise above

the rest . Up to this point in time I have to pose like the royalty I am in front of those who wants to paint me . I have to show off my beauty , I have to show off my elegance , I have to show off my wealth . These are only some of the things I have to do by being rich and beautiful

You are such a beautiful woman and obviously you pride yourself for it You act as though you are very sure of yourself you are full of elegance and confidence . You may have laughed at other ladies who were wishing to be you knowing too well that they can 't . You may have compared yourself to other beauties then thought that no matter how beautiful they are they simply could not compare to you . Yes , you may have everything a girl could ever hope for , but are you sure ? Are you sure that beauty , prestige , wealth , and the like are the only things one could ever ask on their lives ? I am sure that no matter how blessed you may think yourself to be there are still other things you wish you could have done you wish you could have experienced , yet that 's how they would remain to be , wishes

Madame X emits the aura of beauty and elegance . She is very beautiful and I am sure that she came from a very wealthy family . I wonder if she already has a fiancye or a husband . The guy is very lucky to have her as his woman and surely other guys would also envy him . However , his being lucky may only appear on the surface . I wonder if someone would really want someone like her to be his woman . Sure she is beautiful , she is rich , yet she seems cold . She seems to treat other as somebody below her level . She seems engulfed in material things and physical beauty that it looks like she does not have any idea of what is really important in life . It looks as though something is missing in her life . I guess no one could really have it all


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