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Creative writing

Coyote sneaks into the village altar

At a certain time , way back in the past , there was a guy named Coyote who was widely known because he was very wise . He traveled a lot to different villages and tribes and taught its people practical ways of living like taking care of animals and planting crops . And , although he was not very good-looking , he was certainly witty and intelligent and knew his way with women (Lopez , 1977

In one of his travels , Coyote stopped by a certain village whose inhabitants were very busy

preparing for a feast in celebration for a large harvest they made that year . Each family in the village was working on different things . One father was busy decorating his house with colorful flowers as directed by his wife . Another family was cooking different kinds of food from which Coyote sniffed the aroma with a stomach that started to rumble . As he was walking further around , he noticed that there were a number of people that seemed to come in and out of a certain house that was especially decorated . These people brought things like roasted food , fruits , vegetables , and , at one instance , a huge intricately designed jar with them inside the house . A few minutes later , though , they would come out of the house empty-handed . Curious , Coyote sauntered to the house and tried to go inside . Unfortunately , there were two men guarding the place

`Wait , who are you ' asked the taller man

`I am Coyote , the greatest and most intelligent warrior in the world he replied

The smaller guard frowned a bit at this . `You are not from our village leave . Outsiders are not allowed in here ' he said . He stared at Coyote and urged him to leave

Coyote was disappointed in this . But not one to be deterred easily , he thought of a way to get inside the nice , intriguing house . He looked around and saw that some of the village children were playing by painting themselves and promptly had an idea . Staring back at the two guards from earlier , he made gestures that he was leaving and walked towards the forest . A minute away , Coyote was outside the village and after making sure that no one was around , he made himself a bit smaller and his hair a bit longer . Checking his reflection by a small puddle of water on the ground , he smiled at himself and ran back inside the village , straight to the children playing with the paint

`That seems fun ' Coyote told the kid nearest him , `may I play with you too

The boy smiled and pointed to a pot of red clay . Coyote went and started putting red stripes on his face . A small girl suddenly put a dot of green on his cheek and laughed . Coyote laughed , playing along . After a few minutes , he asked the kid he first approached if he knew what was inside the nicely decorated house

`Of course ! It 's really nice inside the altar...

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