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Creative writing


It was a typical working day for Efren1 except that he was extremely cautious in driving along the streets and highways in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia . Three weeks before , his service car was a victim of two successive misdemeanors : first , while parked , an unknown driver hit the rear bumper second , while slowly getting out of a parking space , a Saudi hit the rear bumper of the car the right tail light . Efren was warned by two friends that two successive untoward incidents have prevailed upon certain

people - and a third sometimes occurred

Driving on the usual route to the office , Efren positioned his car on the third lane for a mandatory right turn at an intersection . At 30 meters away , Efren saw the green traffic light and kept driving until he entered the service road . Having driven only 200 meters after turning right , Efren saw a police patrol car on his rear view mirror ! Good Lord , not me ' murmured Efren nervously . But his suspiscion was confirmed when he herd the loud voice of the policeman through a microphone telling him to stop . Efren did got out of the car then proceeded toward the policeman who asked for his driver 's license and I .D . After taking the vital documents , the policeman left the poor expat along the road saying nothing

Efren frantically called his Saudi officemate . Munir , the police just took my Driver 's License and Iqama I did not violate any traffic rules Louie is with me he witnessed everything ' Munir led Efren to the police station where a charge sheet was prepared . Efren watched Munir explained the circumstances to the policeman on duty but after a few minutes Munir informed Efren of his case : traffic violation for beating the red light , the penalty - nine hundred Saudi riyals (US 240 ) and three days imprisonment ! Munir , I did not cross an intersection I turned right . I did not violate anything ' Efren said defiantly . Mr Efren , the policeman who took your IDs arrived here ahead of us his story was taken by the policeman on duty we can 't do anything I am sorry give me your car 's key and go with the policeman now we will try to do what we can to help you

Jesus Christ , where is justice here ' Efren said to himself indignantly while he followed the policeman to another building where his traffic violation ' report was handed over to another policeman - the jail guard ! Efren felt like a helpless beast brought to a slaughterhouse to be butchered . At 7 :45 a .m , the jail guard opened the prison cell for Efren who still cannot believe what was happening to him . Then the door was locked and Efren was now a jailed person . Anger disbelief and intense frustration dominated him while 11 pairs of human eye stared at him

Efren unbuttoned his shirt 's long sleeves rolled them over his elbows removed his neck tie folded it...

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