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Creative writing

Ellie paces back and forth in the shabby living room , alternately looking at her watch and biting her nails . Her boyfriend , Howard , sits on the threadbare plaid couch reading the news and drinking a cup of coffee from a chipped coffee cup

Sit down ' Howard tells her softly , freaking out is not going to help

Yeah , tell me that when you 're the one that 's pregnant

Howard puts down the news and looks at Ellie . You don 't know that you 're pregnant . Just wait five minutes and you 'll know

for sure There 's no reason to panic now - what 's done is done

Ellie sits down on the opposite end of the couch from Howard visibly sinking into the worn cushions . Not necessarily ' she says defiantly

Howard looks surprised . What is that supposed to mean

It means that what 's done , and what 's going to happen , is not set in stone . It 's not the Dark Ages , Ellie points out

Howard stands up abruptly , spilling hot coffee on his hand Damn ' he exclaims , shaking his hand and wiping it on his pants . He redirects his attention towards Ellie . Are you telling me that if you 're pregnant , you 'll have an abortion

Ellie raises her chin away from Howard , a petulant expression on her pretty face . Maybe ' she intones

Howard 's expression can only be described as one of disgust . He stands directly in front of Ellie , his arms crossed in front of him You would kill our baby . Just kill it . As if it were a bug . I can 't believe you ' Howard turns and walks to the sink , which is full of dirty dishes . He loudly adds his coffee cup to the mess . The cup makes a clattering noise as it makes contact with the other dishes

Howie ' Ellie yells , are you going to start breaking things now ? Do you think that 's going to solve things

Howard marches back into the living room and resumes his position on the opposite end of the couch . You care about a stupid coffee cup more than you care about our baby

Ellie groans and sighs , Howie , we don 't know for sure that there is a baby . Let 's not worry about it until we have to

Howard looks at his watch and remarks sarcastically , Yeah , let 's not worry about it for another two and a half minutes . Good suggestion El

I didn 't know you felt so strongly about abortion

I didn 't know you were so callous about human life

Ellie rolls her eyes . It 's not a life yet

Sure , it 's not a life as long as you want to get rid of it

Ellie stands up and waves her arms around , gesturing wildly . Look at this place . It 's crappy and it 's the best we can afford . Do you really think a baby is what we need right now ? When we graduated from college , we promised ourselves that we...

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