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October 30 , 2007

A Letter of Friendship

Dear Friend

Hi ! Maybe you are surprised upon receiving the letter of mine . I know you are not expecting to receive a simple note that will come from me . I know that you have been trying to remove my name from your list of love ones

To my mind , it has been years how time flies , when we had our spot and discussion that did not turn out well . As long as I remember , I had contradicted your

idea when you were explaining something . I believe you were explaining something . I believe , you were right on your own and I wanted to let you feel and think that I persistently right

Now , since that time which I really want to forget , I am telling you and will be continuously saying that we were both idealistic and wanted to make our ideas to make our ideas be understood . I have long been planning to write you , to come to come to your place and say hello , or wanted to bring you something so we could make peace a part of our lives , but I have been very shy and always have thought that you might turn down my irritation to make peace

We have been friends for so long that with just a wink of my eye or a tick of my fingers , or a right thumb sign from you would make us feel that we are okay , but because of what had happen that day when we forgot that we are friends

I had my shares of loneliness I went to the malls alone , looking on display windows without anything as display , I have went to the favorite restaurant of our , that when I get in , I had standing hair that every time I look at our favorite nook . I always close my eyes to check that you are really not there . Come tasting time the food that we usually share and always not that good , for I was alone and I felt sorry for myself that I still have to visit the place that I was not really supposed to go

Long cues at the cinema waiting to buy popcorn , I went there alone that I had a great time . I had nobody to laugh and share my days with

I entered the church where you and I usually attend mass , but I always felt really solemnly alone and lonely . After mass , I go to the park , I see the cotton candy but it does not look sweet , I see the ice cream but it looks so plain , loners are on the benches doing sweet nothings Families have opened their blankets on the grass and are seated so happily and eating their picnic food . Friends are taking pictures on the lagoon , but I stood there alone and lonely

I go home , as I enter my house , I hear the phone ring . I run to get it out but somebody...

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