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Creative Writing

To my mom .whom I love so much

I was so young and yet I remember

How I woke up in the middle of the night to find you there

Working over that school project that I needed that morning of November

How 'd I live without her ' I found myself thinking

They say I look like you but there 's more than meets the eye

Because that 's not only where the similarities lie

Just like you I 'd fight for what I believe in until I die

And we 'd

help someone in need without having to ask why

It 's your voice that I always long for

It 's the voice of reason and loving and so much more

When the silence becomes unbearable or when the noise of the world takes its tolls

I find comfort and peace when I knock at your door

Sometimes I want to feel your touch

Because your hands can communicate so much

They heal the ills and aches that I tend to catch

And ease the pains that can sometimes hurt too much

Through these years my dear mom

You remain the pillar by which I stand

Thank you and I love you mom

I 'd forever cherish our special bond...

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