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I had often been given a stern warning never to have anything to do with Jim . But whenever Dad repeated that warning , I was never as concerned with the implications of going against the rules , as with the consequences of abiding by them . Besides , I was not so foolish as to be caught crossing the bs because I knew only too well that Dad always meant what he said - or said what he meant - and that no single word from his mouth was meant for

the trash can . In other words , I never knew him to beat around the bush as they say he always hit the snake on the head , whenever he encountered one , that is

We 're doing this for your own good ' he always said to us - my brother and I - before ing us to make sure the house and the compound are as clean as a cow 's nose and cancelling our weekends ' time out with the other neighborhood kids or to the beach . Ask Sawyer ' We all loved reading Mark Twain 's Adventures of Tom Sawyer ' but while my brother and I admired Sawyer , our parents saw the fruits of his mischief as a warning to us . Dad was the one who always spoke , while Mom silently nodded to every word as if Dad was reading the words directly from her mind . Mom never looked directly at us during such sessions . Instead , she looked at Dad all the while only...

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