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Creative Writing

Running Head : ADD

Creative Writing (ADD





Creative Writing (ADD

For most 14-year-olds , summertime is akin to being in paradise . No homework , no exams , no demanding teachers - just lots of time to relax with friends at the beach and even earn extra money from a part-time job . Indeed , if Christmas is for children , then summer is definitely for the teenagers . It is the season when a teen experiences many things for the first time - first job , first kiss , first beer , etc

Or so they

say . If summer really is for the teen , then why am I in a stuffy classroom instead of in the beach ? I am taking summer classes - for failing three subjects in the previous school year . And this is not the first time that this happened to me . Fluking subjects and attending summer classes as a result is already a yearly ritual for me . I sometimes think that I am like the rich people who have summer houses except that mine is furnished with a blackboard , desks , chairs and lockers

But there are instances when not even humor can soften the hurt . Almost all my life , people have been telling me to shut up ' and calling me names such as lazy ' stupid ' and weird ' When I was a kid , my mom used to yell at me because she though that I was not listening to what she was saying to me . But I really was listening to her it was just that I cannot...

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