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Creative Writing

Microsoft Violates My Aesthetic Feelings

The Microsoftic Demon

Has overstepped its bounds

Metempsychotic keening

My ears forever hounds

To call a Windows version

A city 's sublime name

Creating greate aversion

Though gaining much in fame

To call the thing - "Vienna

This surely isn 't wise

Approaches us Gehenna

For men have drowned in vice

Hey , guys , we are rats

And our sky is a subway

Hey , guys , We are rats

We have nothing to loose

We 've seen lots of trouble

p We 've been to the moonlight

But going to death

is still scary so much

There are no stars in the moon lighted sky

All the scientists have been mistaking

Sky is dotted by millions of wandering eyes

We should live to make our show breathtaking

Take away the aroma of nostalgia

And paint away the smell of hospital bed

Draw me the world where people are stainless

Draw the world where sanity 's mad

Draw the world where people never die

Where dragons don 't eat the virgins

Assign me a place there . Tell me - who am I

Assign me the margins to madness

My neighbor is a fan of strange cuisine

That 's because his grandmother 's a witch

His food sometimes bites

but more often it stinks

And I 'm not keen to look in his fridge

What a beautiful world

We live in , realized this morning

Washed the windows

In memoir of Freddy Mercury

The show must go on

So said a great singer

Month before death

Clamped claws on his neck

Left of him were the songs

And the dozen of cats

Grief of millions his fans

So , let 's have safe sex

To New York

In New York I walked the streets

Listened to the dead of night

Followed its romantic beats

Learned to diffuse wrong in right

In New York I found my name

Newly mine , I had it lost

Learned to step away from fame

Not to mention from the cost

Kipling 's poetry in my ears

That , my dear , is New York 's way

It 's the city where your tears

Learn to feed the lust to stay

Sixty seconds , sixty minutes

Sixty hours - and we are gone

In the city , to the City

Leaving would make us undone

The Monologue of the Office Slave

I 've seen their faces , and they were pale

Their eyes were red , faces stained with brown

When I entered the room and tried to inhale

Pure smoke entered lungs and I almost fell down

What is up , dear friends - I almost cried in despair

What had happened when I was on vacation

They eyed me with envy , and ed to stay Beautiful days we spent together

Full of sun rays , laughter and ice-cream cones

But when autumn comes it always changes the weather

Today my heart carries too much stones

We changed our colors , from rainbow to grey ones

We forgot that we were born to be free

But I still hope...

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