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Creative Writing

Running head : A JOURNEY WITH ZEUS

A Journey With Zeus

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A Journey With Zeus

As I entered the room , I noticed my mother 's image staring back at me . I approached the table and picked the old picture frame . I stared at it for some time , reminiscing the moments that we spent together . It was a photo taken before she left with her unwavering faith . She was an extraordinary woman . The depth of her eyes made me remember the

connection that we had with each other . She was an angel , constantly watching and guiding me . Her absence never made me feel alone . For the times that I have received success and bliss , I felt my mother 's presence in the faces of loved ones

Then I realized that she was gone . I cannot call her and be with her anytime I wanted to . The situation made me go back to the realities of my life . I was frustrated . I was motionless for a while . I was heartbroken . Was it possible for me to somehow spend time with her ? Were my accomplishments and success enough to make my mother feel better Somehow , I was trapped in this limbo , where I was not confident about myself . Numerous thoughts and ideas crossed my mind , and my mind was suffering from this chaotic state

Tears started to fill my eyes , I tried to contain them , but I was motionless . I was overshadowed with much guilt when my mother died . I rubbed the tears away , and my heart was broken . Why do people move on so quickly ? Why can the people mourn the way I do ? She was my friend , my confidante , and my mother . Her heart was that of gold , and it was difficult not to love her . She would readily give up everything for those around her . How come it was just easy for people to forget her ? I don 't know

Am I being selfish ? Am I too harsh ? Yes , maybe I am . But this is the way things should be . Time had been one with us , and stopped when my mother left us . I guess that it is about time that I move forward without being physically to my mother . I had to go on and accept the fact that she was gone . I must now wake up from my deep slumber


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