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Creative Writing

Great job Kit ' John yelled as he clapped

Way to go ' the crowd cheered me on

I then sat back in my chair and let out a deep breath . I felt so relieved that I had done it ! I had proved that I was a talented player not only in Jazz band but in Ensemble music as well

Yet , as I sat , exhausted , in my chair , I began to recall that it was not always this way . The euphoria that wrapped me now never felt this way before . This was different . I was


I remember the first few days of lessons . I arrived early just as my teacher had informed me to . I was so excited as I opened up my saxophone case and quickly placed the brass pieces together . As I glanced down to the woodwind section I saw an empty chair . I then briskly walked down the steps to the woodwind section and sat down . There on the stand was a bright red plastic folder full of music sheets . I pulled my music stand closer to me so that the notes were clearer and easily visible on the page . I opened the folder and was surprised to see the word Chamber Ensemble stamped across the front

Chamber Ensemble , are you kidding me ' I muttered under my breath

I had never played in a Chamber Ensemble before . The original promise from my teacher was that this new music group would be a Woodwind Ensemble not a Chamber Ensemble . I was then relieved that I had arrived early in to try and prepare myself for this unknown . My stomach growled with force as the butterflies danced in my stomach . Most of my past music performance experience was in various Jazz bands and rock bands , not Ensembles . So as my teacher started the first practice I grabbed a pen and and got ready to take plenty of notes

The first piece was by Mozart called the March of the Priests . I quickly placed the music in front of me , fiercely examined it . I then realized I had one main solo and plenty bars of rest

All I have to do is get through the solo and then it 's easy sailing from there ' I thought to myself

I tapped my toe as to keep time as my teacher started the song . Then right before my solo I slipped the mouth piece into my mouth very precisely . My air flowed into my saxophone as my fingers moved with grace and ease . In the middle of my solo I made eye contact with Rob who often played these solos . He glared at me in jealousy as I maneuvered threw the notes then just as I was about to finish my solo of twelve bars when a large squeak came from my saxophone . I stopped playing in embarrassment as the other kids laughed at me . I felt my face become red and flushed as I wanted to hide

Nice one .ensemble...

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