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Create a Puerto Rican Court System

Running Head : Puerto Rican Court System

Puerto Rican Court System : A Research



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Puerto Rican Court System : A Research


Justice is the main thread that makes a society work in peaceful existence . It cannot be denied that many people still choose to commit crimes . That is why court cases still exist . In Puerto Rico , the necessity of having a strong and effective court system arises because of the fact that crime rates never stop ascending . Hence , full and

detailed information of the Puerto Rican Court System and its creation and organization will be presented in this

But before that , there is a need to know the cultural manifestations of the people in Puerto Rico for a better understanding on how their justice system works . According to the Topuertorico Website , the Puerto Rican culture is peculiar since its colorful manifestations of progress are evident (Rivera , 2008 ,

.1 . There is a mixture of races in Puerto Rico that makes its cultural background unique from all other states Puerto Ricans are also known for its strong artistic presence as well as rich literary development and depiction of different historical situations in the state (Rivera , 2008 ,

.1 . Practically , due to the intermingling of races , the people of Puerto Rico are known as friendly and affable such that in social gatherings , they are seen to stand fairly close to one another (Rivera , 2008 ,

.1 . All in all , the people in Puerto Rico love their country and at the same time are closely related to the United States (Rivera , 2008 ,

.1 . However , Puerto Ricans remained loyal to their cultural heritage despite their close association with the Americans Puerto Rican Court System : Its Creation and Organization

All kinds of court in Puerto Rico are given jurisdiction to hear and decide cases . Jurisdiction is understood as the power and authority to conduct trial and give decision of a given case . The Puerto Rican Rules of Court govern the procedures in all its cases before the courts . The Rules of Court also have the force and effect of law and be liberally construed in to reach its very purpose which is to provide a speedy disposition of cases

In line with that , the court system of Puerto Rico is divided into two (2 ) parts : the federal state and the state courts (Superior Court Self Service of California Organization , 2008 . Puerto Rico has two (2 ) kinds of state courts and it includes trial courts and appellate courts (Superior Court Self Service of California Organization , 2008 . The Trial Courts are composed of the municipal courts and the superior courts . The Appellate Courts is composed of the Court of Appeals and the Puerto Rican Supreme Court (Superior Court of California County of Santa Clara , 2008

The Trial Courts

There are two courts involved under the trial courts these are the municipal courts and the superior courts . The term trial court ' and superior court ' should not be...

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