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Coursework 4

Running head : COURSEWORK 4

Coursework 4

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Directions : Write your answers following the stated question (s . Be sure to cite any outside references correctly

1 . Given the increasing longevity of Americans and the costs of providing long-term care , anticipation of the costs should be a major element of every family 's financial planning . Current information suggests however , that very few families or individuals give this consideration . What factors might impede this advance planning ? What measures might be effective in raising awareness among

Americans about this important matter ? Support your answer with at least one outside reference

People tend to be irrational in their decisions with regard to long-term medical care . The factors that impede rational decision-making among health care consumers have not changed over the last decade . The major problem is that consumers lack relevant information about the availability and effectiveness of health care services in long-term perspective (RWJF , 1998 . Another problem is that rational decision-making about long-term care inhibits the sense of autonomy among consumers in other words , consumer unwillingness to plan for future long-term care needs undercuts their autonomy and precipitates a rush toward dependence and financial difficulties (RWJF , 1998 Ultimately , consumers have a hidden hope that their relatives and not medical facilities will help them resolve their decision-making issues in future . Here , an information campaign could help develop consumer awareness about the benefits of advance planning , as well as the availability , and the quality of health care services . Very often physicians...

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