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Courage under fire-leadership essay

The film Courage Under Fire ' tackles ethical issues and moral dilemmas . Here an officer during the course of his investigation searches for the truth in the different accounts regarding a Desert Storm mission while struggling with his own demons . Wildland Fire Leadership Values and Principles espouses three main merits in a leader Duty , Respect and Integrity . In the film , the characters display such characteristics under different circumstances . Perhaps one of the main principles that can be observed in the film is the choice of the two key characters to choose the difficult

right over the easy wrong . Rather than leave their crash site in the middle of night , where darkness will provide them good cover and a good chance to escape safely , Captain Karen Walden did otherwise for the sake of her injured co-pilot . She took into consideration the safety of all the members of her team and tried to save what could be saved . When Monfriez tried to stage a mutiny to push the team to escape , Cpt . Walden asserted herself demonstrating her prowess as a capable leader , who earlier in the day effectively put to use all their available resources to assemble a make-shift fort to keep them safe and make good use of their ammunition until rescue arrives . As for Colonel Nat Serling , he accepted full responsibility of his actions and their consequences during the attack which took the life of his closest friend . Though there was visible stress after he realized his action , it was brief...

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