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In fighting terrorism , there are many tactics employed by counterterrorism practitioners . The scale of the campaigns or the strategies depends on the severity of the problem or the situation . Most often than not , counterterrorism is both regarded as a warfare and a form of crime fighting . In reality , these two methods are evident with the use of counterterrorism because terrorism may be ideologically-driven but its application still varies depending on the terrorist 's enemy or their objective

. In terms of using warfare as a tactic in counterterrorism , the goal is to inflict fear to the terrorists and to guarantee the abolition of the presence and concept of terrorism (Hewitt , 2002 . More so , this particular tactic requires to be utilized in larger settings because it employs more force which has been proven effective in the battle field . Usually , warfare is used in combating international terrorism which involves terrorist of different nationalities and cultural background . Meanwhile , crime-fighting tactic is exercised in smaller settings . Commonly , the law enforcement body is the one who utilizes this tactic which deters the terrorists from executing their violent plans in urban or rural areas of a particular country . This type of operation when properly and professionally ' put into action plays a crucial role in advancing counterterrorism (Chalk and Roseau , 2004 . Moreover , in this battle against terrorism every conflict must be resolved using due process . Through this , an offence can be objectively classified as an act of terrorism or not which would minimize the manifestation of social injustice . More so , in the US , the USA Patriot act ' was drafted to expand the power of the US in fighting terrorism both locally and abroad (Scheppler , 2005 ,


Terrorists are usually projected to the public as the enemy and unfortunately this term has a lot of negative connotations including (1 ) They are not entitled to live a comfortable life (2 ) They are always involve in violent ways of harming other people (3 ) They are dangerous people and (4 ) They can easily kill people (Hewitt , 2002


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