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Cosmopolitan Identity






Cosmopolitan Identity

Cosmopolitanism could be regarded as the nature of people from allover the globe coming together and living as one moral community . It mostly touches on the economic , political and the social perspectives or the relationship of the superstructures between nations and persons Etymologically , the term is derived from two Greek words that is , Cosmos - universe and Polis - city . Cosmopolitanism is only realized when people come to live together where they co exist and interdepend Cosmopolitan identity is fluid , dynamic , open

and prerogative of a selected elite ' Guibernau (168 )The main focus of this essay is to shed light on what is a `cosmopolitan identity ' and what are the social conditions that allow for the creation of cosmopolitan identities ? Given the characteristics of the cosmopolitan citizen , is it fair to say that such identities are the privilege of wealthy citizens

Cosmopolitan identity is of late being expressed as intensification and the global expansion process that enables people to develop a vivid idea on the number of people in a particular region , their composition and their humanistic features . In the past , lack of broad national outlook led people to neglect human diversity in terms of culture and civilizations . This led people to start describing the whole world from their limited and narrow way of looking at things or in short , they were using their cultural parameters to judge those of others . Beck U (2006

Cosmopolitan identity can only be realized if there is dialogue interdependence , mutual understanding and that people deeply respect and acknowledge the existence of diverse cultural practices . This would be possible if people would show some understanding basing their knowledge on both social and geographical milieu upon which those these cultures are bred . Everingham C (2003 56 ) For cosmopolitan identity to be promoted then , relentless efforts should be directed towards counteracting those retrogressive ideologies that enhance cultural divisions and we try to change and do away with our old value systems as well as our social practices that impede us against the achievement of human equality and freedom . The desire to transcend ethnocentrism while achieving a radical transformation of the social can never be achieved if cosmopolitan identity is made to fit the outlook of a single culture (Gulbernau 169

Cosmopolitan identity therefore is not something that is hard to achieve but cannot be realized if people do not stop seeing the culture of other people as inferior to their own because of using it to judge other cultures . This is what is referred by anthropologists as ethnocentrism and it means using your culture as the standard criteria for judging others . This is a very dangerous weapon as instead of promoting cultural integration , it works to create further divisions . People start ignoring the existence of other diverse cultures and this is something that inhibits cultural integration and coexistence of people . Moral becoming and radical self recreation are prerequisites for the emergence of a cosmopolitan ethos . The moral composition cannot emerge ex-nihilo...

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