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Corruption in 1800s and 1900s USA Congress







The administration and functioning of the United States Congress in the 1800 and 1900 was dominated and marked by the Republican congress . The elections carried out by the senate were often tainted by gridlock bribery and corruption , preventing the election of a specific senator Hunt , 2003 : 86-88 . The 17th Amendment which had been ratified earlier in 1913 served to solve these problems , and provided for the direct elections for all senators

During this period , few big politicians belonging to the congress

br became rich from the pay offs they got from corporations , and other politicians were swindling their city . Though reforms were attempted very little success was realized . While coming to power , politicians made great promises to citizens that were compromised upon getting to office . Most of the legislations passed by the congress were in favor of bid mega-corporate bodies and other special interest groups , at the expense of the common man

The reform movements organizing farmers and laborers to fight for their rights , made great improvement in resolving the mismanagement of the government during that period . Few Republican presidents supported the implementation of reform laws that were meant to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor , by improving the living conditions for the laborers and farmers (Davidson Walter 2002 : 87

Women , Ethnic and Racial Minorities in the 1800 and 1900

Historically , the United States congress has not been able to reflect a whole diversity of the U .S , though the Constitution has...

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