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Corporate social responsibility using (procter and gamble)


Social responsibility involves a wide range of initiatives or platforms . They may take the form of charities and donations to needy institutions , sponsoring specific groups in education , health or otherwise , offering intangible or tangible expertise and designing consumer friendly products

It should be noted that firms consider social responsibility as a marketing tool . The reason for this is that firms get a unique chance to reveal other aspects about their business Whenever an article talks about a company 's social responsibility efforts , then they must discuss other business aspects

related to the company . Additional social responsibility as a marketing tool sells because the public assumes that the article is neutral . This is in opposition to an advertisement made by a company . People always assume that there when a third party writes about something , then they do so without any inherent biases (Business respect , 2004

Examples of social responsibility at Proctor and Gamble (P G

The company under consideration is Proctor and Gamble .

G has over three hundred brands under its name and markets its products to about five billion consumers found in one hundred and forty countries of the world . This company is quite ideal in the study of social responsibility because it is considered as one of the most serious corporate citizens in the United States . During the year 2004 Proctor and Gamble was ranked second in the top one hundred Corporate Citizens list . The Business Ethics Magazine compiled this list Additionally , the company had remained top five over the previous five years before the award . This goes to show that the company has played its part in helping the community enrich their lives

The most outstanding aspect of

G 's social responsibility activities was their involvement in Turkey . The latter country had experienced a serious earthquake that left the country devastated . Many people had been affected by the natural disaster they had lost their property and even their loved ones . Consequently , most of them did not have enough to meet some of their basic needs .

G took it upon themselves to provide relief supplies to the affected families . The company was instrumental in assisting those families during and after the disaster

The company has major operation in Asian and African countries or third world countries .

G realized that a large number of children within those areas have been affected by water borne diseases such as dysentery , cholera and diarrhea . Most of them suffer from these diseases because they lack access to clean water at affordable prices . Proctor and Gamble created a product that would meet this need at a very affordable cost . They created a water purifying product that has transformed the lives of numerous children to-date . The number of children dying every year as a result of those water borne diseases was two million . However , thanks to

G 's products , this number has the potential to reduce

Proctor and Gamble 's social responsibility can be witnessed in other areas too . Not...

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