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Corporal Punishment vs Time Out

Running Head : Time-out vs . Corporal Punishment

Time-out Versus Corporal Punishment : Which is Better


It cannot be emphasized more the importance of raising a child to be a well-mannered individual . Equally as important as teaching a child positive behaviors is the reduction of negative behaviors . It is important for a parent to have behavioral control over their children The two most used disciplining styles are time-out or removal of privileges and punishment . Some situations require the use of time-out whereas others demand a more severe discipline . The effects of the two

br styles differ . Each has its own merits and disadvantages . Therefore , it is important that a parent knows what style to apply in a specific situation to have a more effective child discipline

Time-out Versus Corporal Punishment : Which is Better

I . Introduction

One of the hardest challenges is to ensure that a child grows up to be a good person . Because of the fast-paced life nowadays and various negative influences around , it is crucial that parents know how to raise their children properly . Child discipline is a complex process , in which the outcome is influenced by several factors unique to the environment the parent , and the child . Disciplining styles vary from one parent to another . Some focus on the positive behavior of a child and encourage it , whereas others prioritize stopping and preventing negative behavior The extent of disciplining a child ranges from verbal warning to spanking . However , parents usually mix different parenting styles although there are some techniques more dominant than others . Generally the parent 's personality and own childhood experience determine the type of disciple applied to a child , but the age , gender , and personality of a child are factors as well (Wyse , 2004

The root word comes from the disciplinare , which means to treat or to instruct . Thus , parents have to teach their children to be competent but to still have self-control and to be caring . The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP (1998 ) suggests three components that are important to discipline a child effectively : applying punishment , positive reinforcement strategies , and a positive and loving parent-child relationship . Naturally , a parent 's reaction to a child 's behavior would yield positive results if in the context of love . Love gives the child a feeling of warmth , protection , and guidance from the parent . Each of the three elements suggested by the AAP should function adequately to result to a desirable behavior

A critical factor in shaping the attitude of a child is discipline . A child 's misbehavior should be met with discipline . Any behavior that places the child or others in danger should be prevented immediately but other undesirable attitudes should be discouraged as well , such as a noncompliance with reasonable demands of the parent and any behavior that interferes with positive social interactions and self-discipline (AAP , 1998 . Every situation requires appropriate response from the parent . Sometimes , a child has to be reprimanded immediately . In other occasions , letting emotions subside first is the better approach . Thus a parent has to...

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