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A Controversial Issue in Second Language Acquisition

Running Head : A Controversial Issue in Second Language Acquisition







The acquisition of a second language has gained a lot of attention lately . Numerous studies have been done and their findings have been contradicting . The mode of teaching a second language in learning institutions has been the focus . Some theories have been proposed on the difficulties people encounter in the course of learning a different language . Age has been found to affect a person 's ability to gain proficiency in the second

language . The research that has supported and opposed the age theory has been reviewed in this

The begins by evaluating the numerous studies that have been done by researchers . The weaknesses of their studies have been highlighted and the implications of their research on their findings . The contribution they made to the discipline of second language studies has also been discussed

Focus on form has been supported by a number of research studies . In this , the terminology has been defined and the theories evaluated Some recommendations on how future research should be done and the areas that should be covered are discussed here . The recommendation that stands out as the main one is that research should be done for certain languages and the difficulties encountered highlighted . This should help in reducing the variability

Focus of Form : Proponents and Opponents views


In the face of globalization , people are forced to learn to communicate in other languages other than their native ones . Many people especially students acquire the skills their careers in other nations thus requiring them to learn the language of the land which they live in . The search for jobs also causes people to travel across national and international boundaries . This scenario exposes people to different cultures represented by the people they have to interact with . Limiting oneself to the native language one is used to will affect one 's productivity . It is therefore imperative that all of us , whether we are planning to travel abroad or not , to learn the language of others

There are places where national languages are not the native languages of the people especially in Africa and Asia . The learning of another language apart from the native one is the content of second language acquisition . Many issues surround the effectiveness with which a person can learn a new language . The several issues have been the subjects of numerous studies carried out . The motives of these studies is to find out if really the issues mentioned from time to time affect the ability of a person to become fully conversant with a foreign or a second language . This is done with a view to remove all the hurdles that would lower people 's ability to comprehend other languages . The research 's that have been done have challenged learning institutions to change their modes of reaching from time to time (Catherine , Doughty Michael 2003

The Controversial Issues

The issue that has been debated time and over...

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