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Contrast President George W. Bush`s policy toward the Middle East with that of President Clinton. Why did Clinton fail to achieve a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? Why did both Clinton and Bush fail to stop the violence of the Al Aqsa

The Middle East has been on the scene of numerous catastrophic events in recent years , including three confrontations since the year 1980 : the eight-year Iran and Iraq war from 1980 to 1988 , the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 , and the United States-led war against Iraq in 1991 These three confrontations not only inflicted heavy damage on the economic infrastructures of Iran , Iraq , Kuwait , and Lebanon , they also led to an important increase in the U .S . involvement in the region (Amirahmadi ix ) The Middle East remains the most incessant of global drawing

catastrophic events

In recent years , the relationship between the United States and of the Middle East has been everything but diplomatic as a result of bombings high jacking , and the attack on the USS Stark which killed twenty marines . These incidents are quite distinguished in many parts of the world , not only does it strike terror and fear to humanity but in questioning when these cataclysmic events will stop seems tedious , if not , unattainable . President 's Bill Clinton and George Bush have had their chances of making peace with that part of map , so why is it that they have failed ? What did they do wrong that caused more trouble for the US

This thesis study aims to give clarifications to the Clinton and Bush administration policies to bring down Middle East 's uprising , how peace plan policy 's were formulated , How plans were made to bring down Saddam Hussein , and how everything president 's Bill Clinton and George W . Bush planned went downward

The conflict between Jews and Palestine 's is a modern phenomenon that began on the turn of the 20th century . Although these two groups have different religions , religious differences aren 't the cause of the clash . It is a struggle over land . In 1948 , the area that both groups claimed was known internationally as Palestine . But following the war of 1948 to 1949 , this land was divided into three parts : the state of Israel , the West Bank of the Jordan River and the Gaza Strip

Jewish claims to this land are based on the biblical promise to Abraham and his descendants on the fact that this was the historical site of the Jewish kingdom of Israel . Palestinian Arabs ' claims to the land are based on unremitting residence in the country for hundreds of years and the fact that they stand for the demographic majority . They reject the idea that a biblical-era kingdom make up the basis for a valid claim

In 40 years since the Middle East war of June in 1967 , there have been many peace plans and many discussions . Some of these have been doing well , including those between Egypt and Israel , as well as those of Israel and Jordan , but a settlement has still not been reached in the central part of the conflict , the argument between the Israelis and Palestinians

The Declaration of Principles was based on mutual recognition of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO . It acknowledged...

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