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Contemporary Application, The Ethics of Cloning Human Beings

Contemporary Application - The Ethics of Cloning Human Beings


Cloning is one of the latest invention of man brought by the progressive advancement in human technology . This subject has caused a tremendous controversy among various fields of studies , such as humanists , medicines , rationalists , geneticists , and most of all ethics . The process of cloning has been questioned in terms of its moral background , and its stand in rights of fulfillment against value of life and human identity . The public possesses divided opinions regarding this genetic advancement , which precisely conveys pros and cons

groups . Since the issues and moral stands of this process are currently under critical debates and social convictions , the applications and researches are not being conducted legally . The disputes brought by such process have created controversy most especially in the field of medical ethico-legal practice . The divine considerations and societal perspectives have induced the negative angle of cloning

Considering the philosophical and utilitarian perspectives , which are concerned in the process and effects of cloning , objections brought upon by these groups state that cloning commits a divine and natural violation . In the perspective of divine violation , it states that the creation of life is only God 's will alone . The creation of an infant is a way that does not depend on human sexual congress or make possible the divine inculcation of a soul . Cloning removes an individual from conjugal patterns , but it is hard to imagine that God 's desire to bestow unique soul can be blocked by the fact that the infant does not result from an egg and sperm 's joining but instead arises from an embryonic egg 's reproducing itself (Kass Wilson , 1998


Such statement proves to be the irony of the argument God is the creator , does it make a person a soulless individual if that person is cloned ? Does the setting of embryonic production influence the installation of soul ? Man is not in place and responsibility to answer these questions hence , man is not in place as well to conclude whether or not the setting of the soul occurs either in sperm and egg union or inside the uterus

The argument portrayed in this essay deals with the appropriateness and moral principles in terms of using the systems of cloning in to provide advance medical care especially in the conditions of organ donations . The process of justifications and analysis of ethical backgrounds are employed in to give reasonable argumentative statements . The side of this discussion revolves around the ethical stands of cloning used in medical practice focusing more on practical reasons than with moral concepts

In this argument , the use of cloning for maintenance of lives than for saving lives stand as the utmost goal . Cloning is another essential discovery of man , which supposed to be utilized for the betterment of human race and not to be halted by ethical principles labeled by moral-conscious sects . The process employs scientific complexities related more on genetics and cellular culturing hence , this...

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