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Considering the facets of the ethical dimension in religion presented by Ninian Smart, to what extent would you argue that Christianity and Islam possess not only the same ethical standards but that both place equal weight on adherence to these standards

Christianity and Islam : One in Ethical Standards

Ninian Smart 's religious dimensions include that of the ethical , defined as how people behave based on the doctrines and teaching of his particular religion . This provides people with a certain set of ways on how to act . Ethics is relational whether expressed as laws , moral commandments , custom , or a system of values , it is the ethical dimension that guides us towards proper relationships with God (or Being , each other , nature , and culture

Ethics therefore serves as a guide to people when their beliefs are

br being questioned , and serves to imbibe in them a sense of responsibility and direction and brings harmony from dissonance when there is a breakdown in ideal relational patterns ' Followers of religion cannot rely solely on doctrine for guidance they also need a concrete example of how they will act on earth . Ethics therefore provides what is essential to doctrine , an interpretation of the correct behavior in application

Religious ethics deals with the proper patterns of action in the situation and circumstances of the human life cycle and social relations ' Each society has its own background and rules where assumptions regarding the world they live in are either fed or supported by their own religion . Christianity for example believes in respect and belief for only one God , and in India they believe strongly in karma

In the ethical dimensions of religion , there is a sort of unity in their ethical demands . For all the other aspects of religion , namely...

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