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Consensus view and Conflict view of crime

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Conflict View of Crime Fits the American Criminal Justice System

Crime-related issues and concerns have long been part of the lives of American people . Relatively , since the problems resulting from crimes are the s of various discussion and arguments , it is essential to identify and analyze what specific view of crime manifests the American criminal justice system . This is because of the fact that the society has continued to be threatened by crime and unsettled perspectives about crime will lead to the

reality that crime will never cease to exist . In effect , an indefinite view of crime results to weak and unreliable interpretation of the criminal justice system . The field of the American criminal justice has long been subjected to criticisms because of its apparent depiction of the conflict view of crime . The system has noticeably not been adhering with the consensus view which is more morally upright and justified . Unlike the consensus perspective , the conflict view of crime , which the American criminal justice system is evidently manifesting , has alarmingly aggravated the manner how crimes are committed and how criminals are treated . The conflict view of crime best fits the country 's criminal justice system because it is characterized by an existing racial disparity as well as unequal allocation of power and wealth within the American society . Therefore these manifestations of the conflict view of crime , which suitably describe how the system of criminal justice works , need to be corrected in to have an impartial implementation of the laws and a fair treatment of criminals

An overview of the nature or characteristic of the conflict view of crime is a basis on how the judicial field is operated . The conflict view of crime directly goes against the consensus view of crime . This is because it disputes that instead of performing as a combined entity , the American society particularly the criminal justice system is best depicted as a group of opposing and varied sets of people and sectors Due to a diverse nature or characteristic , these people and units are in disagreement or in conflict with one another (Hollin 6 . Concrete manifestations of the conflict view of crime are the uneven allocation of power and wealth in American society (Hollin 6 ) and the mounting racial inequality in the criminal justice system (Weich Angulo 185

According to Hollin , the conflict view of crime is attributed to the fact that there are people who are severely poor and have no satisfaction while some are too rich and influential . This discrimination in power distribution builds an environment established on conflict which , in effect , encourages people to commit crime (Hollin 6 . Hence , crimes are determined by the system where the poor execute crimes that are scope-based such as murder , theft and burglary while wealthy criminals commit white-collar ' violations such as large-scale tax evasion and high-end exploitation (Hollin 7 . Weich and Angulo , on the other hand , said that the implications of racial disparities in the criminal justice system...

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