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Congo Rainforest

Congo Rain Forest



Joseph Conrad , in Heart of Darkness , made famous the equally beautifully and dangerous Congo Rainforest . From his imagination flowed images of wild beasts , terminal diseases , flesh eating humans , and pygmies all of which is not far from the truth . The observations and exploits of Stanley and Livingstone made the Congo Rainforest real to the public and exposed its horrible past as a place of slavery , trade and warfare - a heritage which still lives today (Barringer 163

The Congo Rainforest has is home to the world

's largest river , second only to the Amazon Rainforest . The Congo basin is about 1 .5 million square miles . The Congo Rainforest is also the second biggest tropical forest in the world . It makes up about 20 of the earth 's rainforest continent it resides on . Africa has a ton of wildlife and foliage which is unique to the continent . In of plant life , and over ten thousands of animals . The Congo Rainforest covers a number of African Nations including Cameroon , Central African Republic , Congo Republic , Congo Democratic , Guinea , and Gabon

Unfortunately the Congo has one of the most valuable ecosystem which happens to be the most endangered . This is because much of the rainforest and the surrounding area is used for tree cutting Businesses in this area also do a lot of land clearing to farm . This means that they cut down and kill parts of the rainforest to plant crops . Another reason the rainforest is being destroy is because of the political strife that constantly going on in and around the area of the Congo Rainforest . Another issue is the bushmeat trade which kills the animals which live in the rainforest . Scientists believe that the continent of Africa has the largest rates of destroy forests then any where else in the world

The Congo Rainforest is home to one of the most interesting tribal group called the Pygmies . The pygmies are known for their small height The largest of the pygmies are called the Mbuti who

are usually not over 5 feet tall . The Mbuti are one of three groups of people that live in the Congo Rainforest . The groups are the Aka which live in the central part of the Congo and the Baka which live in the south . The pygmies live in the Zaire in the North part of Africa . The thousand . This works out well because for every square mile there is only one individual . This allows for the forest not to be over used and for groups to live peacefully . The reason for the small size is that these people , who live in the forest , have the ability to move quickly and efficiently through the jungle and they can easily keep their body temperatures regulated in the hot tropical weather . Most of these people live in some communities of fifty people or less . These groups live in no one place and move around constantly . For the most part the forest dwellers follow the food...

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