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Paper Topic:

Conflicts Within Criminal Justice Organizations and the Leaders Role


Any government has to use a set of laws practices and organization to create harmony within its perceived boundaries so as to achieve criminal justice . The organizations include police , courts and correctional facilities . To manage this it uses committee , which appoint leaders whose responsibility , is overseeing the organizations everyday running Conflicts usually arise namely personal group , intraorganizational and interorganizational that undermines the organizations operations . Police apprehend offenders passing them on to the courts where judges preside over cases against them . After judgment is passed offenders found guilty are handed

over to the correctional facilities . Depending on this judgment one might be allowed to pay a stipulated amount of money or do some community service

Leaders role in managing criminal justice

Towering vision : he should provide direction to subordinate as he inspires them to meet the organizations goals

Symbol of authority : authority placed upon him by the committee that chose him enable him identify hardworking staff and awarding them accordingly

He should be capable of invoking intellectualism among subordinate so that they can be creative enough to solve complex problems

Honesty in him echoes the integrity of the organization

Complexities of conflicts

Personal conflicts create or slow down effective individual performance as a member of staff is not sure what to do

Group conflicts though mostly negative , should be used to coma up with better solution to problems

Intra-organization conflicts play a major role on slowing down operations of each organ of the criminal justice organization as if one slows down the whole process slows down

Conflict resolution

Effective role assignment should be put in place so that no one is confused about what to do

Each organization should have dearly stated roles that tie them not to interfere with the other hence ensuring justice is passed within acceptable time

Sufficient funds should be key to ensuring each organs runs smoothly

Enough staff should be recruited to enable time limits set are met


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