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Conflict Management 1

Conflict Management

1 . What are the sources and types of conflict that are most salient in the school environment

Conflicts are common in the school environment . The most pervasive sources of conflict is a closed perspective towards different ideas norms and values , lack or limited understanding of differences , and assertion of attitudes and behavior without concern over the consequences to other people . These sources of conflict have underpinnings on personality and social structure and cuts across issues of gender , race , class , grade level discrimination and having a sense of ethics

. The types of conflict schools fall under fighting (Tschannen-Moran , 2001 ) especially within students , teachers administration , and other personnel groups or show of disrespect (Tschannen-Moran , 2001 ) between individuals or parties from the different groups . Fighting among students is most pervasive that could often lead to violence such as bullying , fistfights or even the use of weapons . Fighting could also occur among the adult groups in schools although rarely escalating to violence . Disrespect could range from offensive verbal remarks to destruction of property , vandalism and other pranks , and physical violence

2 . What are the long-run (beyond school days / for life ) benefits of implementing a conflict resolution program , in high schools

Implementing the conflict resolution in 50 high schools in Ohio led to a number of long-term benefits to the schools that affects students teachers , administrators , and other school personnel . There are also apparent benefits to parents and the wider community

One benefit is culture change (Tschannen-Moran , 2001 . The shift from apathy to...

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