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Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution in Educational Administration


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School principals have perhaps never faced more challenges within the public education than they do today . Increased violence in schools has created a situation where providing security for students takes precedence to learning . Drug use among students and domestic violence place teachers and administration in a social services role , rather than focused on education . Increased accountability standards with an ever-shrinking budget challenges teacher 's time to be responsive to

br individual student needs . Each of these challenges are faced by the school as a whole , with increased pressure placed on the role of the principal to meet these needs . The role of the principal has changed over the past twenty to thirty years . Ideally the principal should be responsible for creating a climate of learning , and assuring that teachers have the resources they need to do their job effectively . In the process of this role , the school principal must be an effective leader , and an effective mediator , dealing with conflict between teachers , parents , and students . Conflict management and conflict resolution are taking a priority in the day to day management of the school principal

The tasks of management and leadership are basic components of administration

Principals are assigned the responsibility of making certain that necessary tasks are completed by

teachers and other staff members , and accountable for the school 's resources in completing those

tasks . Principals coordinate , direct , and support the work of others by defining objectives

evaluating performance , providing resources , building a positive climate , fostering positive

school-community relations , planning , scheduling , keeping records resolving conflicts , handling

student problems , working cooperatively with central office staff members , and keeping the

school running smoothly on a day-to-day basis (Sybouts Wendel 1994 , 19 ) The role of the

principal in completing each of these tasks is further complicated by those factors that occur

outside of their control (Sybouts Wendel , 1994 , 19 ) Managing conflict for the school

principal is a difficult task as they are responsible for fulfilling a variety of roles , some of those

even in conflict with each other

The principal establishes a climate for excellence , puts forth a vision for continuous

improvement in student performance , promotes excellence in teaching , and commits to

sustained , comprehensive professional development for all staff members The principal

ensures that curriculum , instructional strategies , and assessment of student progress are

coherent components in the teaching and learning process . In short , the principal engages

herself or himself as an instructional leader (Tirozzi , 1 , 2001

As an instructional leader , the role of the principal is focusing more on empowering

teachers in recent years . This directional shift , empowering teachers is occurring as a method of

increasing teacher effectiveness . When teachers are more effective student achievement

responsiveness to student conflict , teacher satisfaction , and the school environment improves

Productivity increases as schools are expected to do more with less (Short Johnson , 1994 , 1

In to effectively empower teachers , principals must be effective leaders...

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