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Conduct an environmental and external market analysis for Pepsi in UK

Environmental and external analysis of Pepsi in UK

2007 Page : 1

Pepsi in UK is an entity of Pepsi International division of Pepsi Inc USA . Pepsi is the worlds 3rd largest snack and beverage company (Rafey R et , el . As well Pepsi is the 2nd largest manufacturer of carbonated soft drinks in the world (Rafey . R et , el . Pepsi in UK is one of the largest operations of Pepsi Inc comparable to Pepsi Mexico (Rafey . R et , el

In UK Pepsi Company 's main competitors are local manufacturing companies in food

and beverage industry and other retailers . As well it faces competition from international Companies like Coke , Cadbury , Schweppes and Kraft etc (Rafey . R et el . In UK Pepsi faces sever competition from these companies and the UK market is complex and dynamic in nature

The nature of SWOT analysis and its value in developing Marketing strategies and Marketing Plan

SWOT analysis means strengths and weaknesses of an entities internal environment in terms of human , technical , organizational , information systems operational processes and models management culture and leadership style . It also considers opportunities and threats of its immediate market conditions as well as opportunities arising from the internal organizational strengths and the threats arising from the weaknesses of its internal environment . In addition it also considers opportunities and threats arising from macro environment such as the economic conditions , social factors , demographic factors , ethical and environmental factors , legal and regulatory factors , financial factors such as exchange rate volatility , interest rate and global economic condition and outlook in a global world economy in the 21st century This analysis is necessary to develop marketing strategies and plans suitable to each market segment such as positioning , Page : 2

pricing , promotion , distribution channel decisions , adverting methods decisions and public relations , brand development company image building and the revision of plans on a continuous basis if conditions change in internal and external environment and to change strategies

Strengths of Pepsi in UK

Pepsi in UK has considerable operations in UK and has developed a reputation of its brand it has the strength to compete with local manufacturers and international competitors . As well it has a flexible distribution channel and a range of products , which are comparable in quality and price as well it has developed marketing plans and strategies in place it has the capacity to compete with the local manufacturers and international competitors . That is Pepsi in UK have competitive strength more than adequate to compete effectively in the UK market which is vital to survive and grow in the future (Pepsi Inc Annual Report 2005 . Pepsi in UK has several product ranges and has developed new products on a continuous basis . It also has a management culture internally to develop new products , which satisfies emerging customer needs . In a market such as UK , which is dynamic in nature it is vital to produce new products and a variety of product lines to compete effectively in such a dynamic market place . There fore Pepsi in UK...

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