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Comprehensive Classroom/Behavior Management Plan


Comprehensive Classroom /Behavior Management Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom /Behavior Management Plan


This tends to create a plan in to manage children in a certain classroom . To effectively treat and manage children on a systematic and organized way considering their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning . Included in this management plan is a created rule towards the must and must not behavior inside the room , creating certain strategies or

techniques in to motivate children to do such desirable behavior inside the class , setting a certain reward which is not abusive unlike food in for them to be motivated , and adding plans on how to manage the misbehavior of the hardheaded students

Since not all students are the same either by culture or places where they came from , this management plan also included ways on how to approach those certain students who are in need of help inside the classroom considering the fact that they are not fluent in speaking English language . Last on the list of the management plan is data tracking wherein certain ways on how to track how often a certain student misbehaves or does good behavior inside the classroom . After creating all the list and ways on how to manage the students to do such a good and /or desirable behavior in class , this will provide a letter addressed to the principal of the school and also to the parents or guardians of the student explaining about the new behavior management matter

Goal and Student 's Behavior

To manage the children in school effectively with all the possible considerations considered such as culture difference , behavior and /or attitude , and understanding in to create a comprehensive way of learning

In this article , Grade five students are chosen to be the main subject of the behavior management . This is because 5th Graders are said to be often hard headed and according to some psychological studies , those who reached the ages 12 above or those who are in the 5th Grade are said to be full of behavioral risks such as bullying and not paying such attention to the class either during a certain activity or even during lecture time

5th graders also tend to be getting slow in learning and so in to manage them effectively inside the class for them to cooperate and learn , behavior management or ways on how to manage 5th graders are listed below

Rules and Routines of Class

Class participation

A certain student should work individually whenever they are asked to work individually and are allowed to joined or to participate in a group only if the professor asked them to do the work as a group

Class activities should be joined by everybody inside the class and thus no one should exempt him or her self from the class simply because nobody wanted or liked him...

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