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The Complexities of Living

Complexities of Life : Too Many Options , Too Many Opinion Leaders



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Complexities of Life : Too Many Options , Too Many Opinion Leaders


Even as the celebrated opinion leaders are merrily minting money , the commoners are having tough field days before the plethora of 'options in the every field of life , where dozens of opinion leaders are waiting to suggest about what to eat , wear , read , or do . Thus this essay explores these

newfound complexities of life in the age of globalization , before reaching its own conclusion

The Opinion Leaders

The opinion leaders are usually the celebrities known to the mass Accordingly the companies exploit that situation to increase the sell of product . So far so good , but when many celebrities endorse for one or the other variety of the same type of product , it becomes difficult for the commoners to decide on one particular brand . This situation can be found in every layer of consumer products , where even people have to gulp down the idea of having extended benefits offered by various brands , duly endorsed by the expert opinions of many celebrities . That surely create unwanted delays in decision making even when a consumer goes to buy an otherwise ordinary item

Direct Effect

The situation even turns worse when it comes to decide about what to eat and what not to , as the fierce competition in the market results in a sea of details with thousand nuances of pros and cons of a food , again endorsed with expert opinions from the doctors , dieticians and health-specialists , where all are bent on customizing the range of foods for the consumers . This affects on the basic eating habits , save the personal preference

There is no dearth of advices regarding the 'ideal lifestyle ' as well This segment is led by psychologists , nutritionist , philosophers scientists , TV stars and anyone having an idea to pass on for the sake of consumers ' healthy lifestyle . Consequently the confusion about when to sleep , eat , dream , study , play and how to do them with ease , keeps playing on the mind

This business of opinion making dents on the relationships too . A classic example of that could be any difference of opinion between a couple over lifestyle or a particular


Faith on the quality of self-judgment is extremely important to avoid these newfound complexities of living . While a neutral observation and study of the products or the basics of a good lifestyle can help a person , a level of resilience is also needed to be cultivated to shrug off the flurry of advertisement . In all , a balanced outlook of life and a calm approach to the situation would definitely help to rise over such complexities of life




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