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Paper Topic:

Completing my education will allow me to achive my dreams.

When I become a professional I`d like to be nothing less then an advanced positive ascendancy on my friends and colleague staff since the best way to guide is to be guided by example . Most of times a professional is the only good affect people will have in their lives . For example if a student observes his teacher doing something wrong , in the classroom or outside , than it is quite possible that student will consider it is fine to act that way . And that 's not good . As a professional I 'd like

to be seen by students as the right way to live . Another purpose is to continue on for my bachelor 's diploma in secondary education . And then I intend to attend graduate school and have a master 's diploma

Of course I want to make a big money in the sphere I chose . But this is not the main goal . I want to be useful for people first of all . That is why I chose to enter the academy and get a higher education . This will help me to reach my goal and become loved by people due to the services I will be able to offer them after I finish my study

I know that I will have to do my best to become a professional , but without hard work there is no success . Becoming a professional and a coach at the same time isn 't the shortest cut to go up , but it is definitely the opportunity to influence the youth . People who het higher education are the futurity of this country , and I want to make sure that our future is in good hands . I `m pretty sure that my vision for the future is really optimistic , but optimism is the world 's most...

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