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the three Competencies of leadership In Tesla company

the three Competencies of leadership In Tesla company


The three Competencies of leadership

In Tesla company


The growing economy in some countries worldwide has driven the rising consumption of energy and oil in particular . In turn , the increasing demand will influence the price of the natural resources as suggested by the law of demand and supply under special condition

In October and November 2000 , for example , the world oil price averaged over three times higher than its February 1999 low , and , excluding the Gulf war period , reached

a 15-year high in both real and nominal terms

The impact of this increase in the oil price is that consumers will have to pay this increased expenditure . The mostly affected products and industries are fuel , power and energy , as well as the transport and the food sectors

In the automobile industry , this situation is considered as a challenge since it causes the rising costs of production , which further causes the rising price . In to give the better value for money to the customers , automobile manufacturers develop the fuel-efficient vehicles and those using renewable energy . Concerning the vehicles that using the alternative energy sources , this will discuss about Tesla Motors The discussion specifically elaborates the three competencies of leadership , the company background , and its adaptation to the automobile industry

Tesla Motors : Corporate Background

Amidst the development of fuel-efficient cars , Tesla Motors come up with the idea of developing the electric cars although some people still consider the type of...

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