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Paper Topic:

Comparison of the characters The Misfit ( A Good Man is hard to find) and Manley ( Good Country People).

Comparison of the characters The Misfit (A Good Man is hard to find

and Manley (Good Country People Thesis statement-The Misfit and Manley are essentially the same type of cruel , indifferent , and insensitive psychopath


Flannery O 'Connor 's works dealt mostly on human characters that were opposite of her . Specifically , the two characters , the Misfit from the story A Good Man is Hard to Find ' and Manley Pointer of Good Country People ' portrayed the evil personalities being victims of disbelief to the true God . Likewise the two (Misfit and Manley

) are male characters who exhibited troublesome behaviors as they went along contrary to the ideal persons in the Bible . To support this denotation the authors made use of symbols through facial and body language as well as items to represent intended meaning to make the stories quite interesting by means of suspense factors to enhance the governing ideology of the characters that were real during that period . The author had simply created personalities in the story with intention to present what life becomes away from God being cruel , indifferent , and insensitive psychopath

Introduction of the author

Flannery Connor who lived for only thirty-nine years was one of the famous American in the twentieth century . Her remarkable influence in the literature of America was really astonishing because of her strange style in demonstrating characters . Her violent-inspired plots share her moral stand to her audience . Though born an only child to a wealthy couple in Georgia , she had lucid understanding...

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