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Comparison of a family with Single Mother and is it viable to the American Nuclear Family

Running Head

Comparison of a family with Single Mother to the American Nuclear Family

Comparison of a family with Single Mother to the American Nuclear Family

Thesis The families of single mothers are viable to a nuclear family if only abusive relations between parents have a negative impact (physical and psychological ) on a child and one of the parents

II . Today , the traditional American family consists of two parents with one-two children . Alternative households have formed as women and men lived together as couples , have children but never married . Also , there is

an increasing number of single mothers who raise their children alone deprived financial support of husbands and fathers of their children

III . Weaknesses of a Single Mother Family

1 . Low Income and Lack of Financial Resources

The main weakness of a single mother family is economic vulnerability (low income and lack of financial support . It is argued that while women and children suffer poverty in the absence of male earnings , the sheer scale of the benefit payments means that state resources are drained at an unacceptable rate . Low educational attainment by single mothers contributes to their overrepresentation in the secondary sector According to statistical data , eight out of ten female workers are high school graduates compared with only 65 of women maintaining households (Coontz 45-46 . Even if single mothers have higher educational attainment , it is not likely that they would be able to earn high wages in today 's labor market . Female college graduates who worked fulltime earn only slightly more than male high school dropouts . For instance in 1998 single parents received less than half the income 24 ,530 that husband-and-wife families reported 59 ,653 (Lee , Paulin 17 The relatively lower representation of single mothers in the part-time part-year work force is attributable to their need to earn family wages , wages high enough to support a family . In contrast , a nuclear family does not have such problems because of a double income and higher wages of men in contrast to the majority of women . Researches prove that married men earn more than women (Chun , Lee , 307 . It was in part the political activism of early middle- and upper-class feminists that made it possible to blame working-class mothers for the poor welfare of their children . In fact , invoking essentialist fictions of the middle-income `superwoman , strong , single and independent , and her antithesis the low- income black lone mother , motivated by promiscuity and welfare greed , serves to disqualify the African-Caribbean family from state support (Ooms 35

2 . Housing Problems

Many single mothers have housing problems caused by low income , lack of government and male support . The most pervasive and deep-seated of housing problems is that of affordability , the squeeze between incomes on the one hand and housing costs on the other . Single-parent families of course experience this squeeze to an extraordinary degree because of their disproportionately low incomes . The federal government dramatically cut back funding for low-income housing assistance (Clampet-Lundquist 123 . Restricted housing opportunity for single mothers is in part...

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