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Comparison and Contrast of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution






Comparing and contrasting the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are very vital documents that mark the history of the birth of United States as a nation . These documents have been awarded vital and fundamental status towards the national existence of the American people (Stevens 3 . In 1776 , the founders of the American nation met in Philadelphia and drafted the Declaration of Independence , whose contents led to the dissolution of political ties between America and

Great Britain subsequently leading to the birth of a new , independent and free nation of America . But the new nation needed a system that would unite the separate states under a common system of governance . In 1787 , some of the founders of the nation together with others returned to Philadelphia , this time with the intent of drafting a new plan that would be used to govern the newly born nation , and the Constitution of the United States was born . Upon these two great documents , the United States of America was founded (Vile 11 , 25

These two documents although different in their contents , have several similarities . Both documents were designed in the 18th century , the Declaration by Continental Congress in 1776 , and the Constitution by delegates from the new American nation in 1787 . Each of the documents played a very vital role in shaping the future of the United States of America and giving direction to the newly formed Federal government . The two documents...

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