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Paper Topic:

Comparison between Oatess Connie and John Updikes Sammy

The main characters in A

' by John Updike and Where Are You Going Where Have You Been ' by Joyce Carol Oates have something in common They are both adolescents who have yet to learn more about life . Both also act to be mature and old in the grownup world . They also have an encounter that placed them in the spot where they both have to decide to be heroes or not . Yet , they are also different . They are products of different society and reality and the space to where they move made

their circumstance different

In viewing the conflicts that the two characters face , the readers can compare how they deal with their circumstance . The first conflict is human vs . human and in the story A

, Sammy had to face his customer 's ire because of his being distracted from his job . There is also the conflict between him and his manager when he chose to defend the girls who he didn 't even know and who did not even acknowledge him the first place . Then there is also the conflict that will happen in the future between him and his parents . What was natural has been opposed and broken by the three girls who entered the store in bathing suite The norm that was established by their society that works within the store is broken by these three girls . This made them to be against the dominant part of the society in the store , which is the lower class

In Where are You Going , Where Have You Been , Connie feels herself as different from her family in the way that they misunderstood and do not accept her for who she is . She thinks her mother feels inferior next to her thus she was always being criticized and at the same time undervalued . There is also the conflict between her and Arnold Friend who was her stalker . Although flattered at first by the attention given to her , the situation went out of her control when she realized that he was a really a stalker who wants her . It could also be her last day on earth as referred to at the beginning of the story : Her name was Connie ' The word was ' was used that gives the reader a hint that Connie is already part of the past

Then there is of course the conflict between human vs . self as portrayed by Sam in which he has conformed to the norms of the part of his society and the store , yet he opposed it to defend the girls . He is also conflicted with what he feels is right versus what he believes is the right thing to do

Connie , on the other hand , felt out of place with her family considering that she was young and also in the way her generation identified themselves . She felt that she doesn 't belong and covered this feeling by thinking that they just deliberately misunderstood her because they felt inferior next...

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