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Paper Topic:

Comparison and Contrast of Hispanic Culture and Anglo-American Culture

Running Head : Hispanic v Anglo-American culture

Comparison and Contrast of Hispanic Culture and Anglo-American Culture







Cultural differences and similarities have continued to characterize human societies anywhere in the world . There are some aspects where human cultures become congruent but still in some respects , there are differences which can be noted . The Hispanics and the Anglo-American cultures for instance have some pronounced differences in regard to family bonds , religion and language though there are also various aspects in which they share

commonalities in their cultural orientation Though some Hispanic groups are becoming assimilated in the mainstream culture , critical analysis of their cultural practices reveal some unique features in comparison to the Anglo-American culture


There is no universal culture amongst the world society as each community embraces a unique culture that guides and defines their behavior . The differences that are exhibited within any particular group of people in a country or a cultural group are usually greater than those differences that may be in a homogeneous group . The differences are usually noted in level of education , social standing , religious beliefs , personality definition , previous experiences , and affection that prevails in the home among other many factors that have an influence on human behavioral and cultural practices . Cultural differences are persistent even in the globalized world . It is therefore important to take note of the differences in order to have good knowledge of the customs , beliefs , values and norms of the divergent cultural groups . Cross cultural studies...

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