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Comparision of Athletes & Non-Athletes overall Grade Point Average

Student-athletes vs Non Student-athletes Academically

Multiple studies have been done pertaining to academic achievement and involvement in athletics . The possibility to pull any viable solutions from these studies is very difficult considering that the results tend to conflict with one another . One can open up any number of magazines and find advertisements , or research done on collegiate or high school athletics that states it is more sociably and academically beneficial for a student to be involved in sports , while in school . This information is largely based on the competitive ideals that sports

br instill , but it is unreasonable and illogical to assume that more responsibility and lessons in discipline will inadvertently lead one to higher academic performance . Though athletics do promote the ideals needed for one to succeed in life , I believe they inhibit the chance for student-athletes to compete equally with non-student athletes in an academic arena

Sports are one of the most praised and admirable mediums in our society today . The athlete provides the common man with an outlet to set asides the rigors of his day and focus on the struggle of another operating at the top of the human physical condition . It is in this sense that the spectator feels the utmost connection with the athlete , and it this is undoubtedly what makes the sport so lucrative . There is a certain free willed insanity that sports provide the community , almost like and escape from everyday life . This idea is very compatible with the views of sociologist John Fiske who points out that sports bring out

peaks of intense experience when the body identifies with its external conditions , and thus shakes itself free from the repressive difference between their control and our sense of identity . This intensity is often experienced by fans as a sense of release , of loss of control . Fans often use metaphors of madness to describe it , and madness , as Foucault has shown us , is what lies just outside the boundary of civilization and control (Schneider Guest , 2003

Sadly this is a relief permitted only to the spectator , and one of which the athlete is deprived . Collegiate student athletes are subject to many regulations , stresses and expectations the likes of which non-student athletes have nothing to compare . They serves as the source of stress release for college campuses and communities , and yet they perform athletically and academically through a very fragile support system

In their publication in the journal Sociology of Education 2003 , Andrew Guest and Barbara Schneider did a study on the effects of extracurricular activities of high school students on their GPA 's . They point out that , somewhat like in college sports , extracurricular activities are often associated with positive behavior and even more positive academic performance . This is done with the direct intention to imply that extracurricular activities like athletics directly improve student grades . Guest and Schneider found research to support this notion : For example , researchers have found positive associations between extracurricular participation and academic achievement (see e .g , Broh 2002 Lamborn et...

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