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Compare the views of the marriage relationship represented in Robert Brownings `My Last Duchess` and Shakespeares Othello.

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Compare the views of the marriage relationship represented in Robert Browning 's `My Last Duchess` and Shakespeare 's Othello

When we compare Othello ' written by William Shakespeare and My Last Duchess ' penned by Robert Browning , we found a lot of similarities and differences between these two works in realms of characters , events and incidences , and the causes of murder . Jealousy and possession are however , the ruling passions in these two tragic works of art . There is remorse in Othello

' but there is in My Last Duchess . Let us discuss these two masterpieces of domestic tragedy in detail in to dig out the elements that made them happen

Let us start the discussion with the characters , first the male and then the female characters . Othello is a brave soldier . Unlike the Duke of Ferrara in My Last Duchess ' Othello is a man of principles who is sincere , honest and loyal to his country . The first impression we get of Othello is of dignity and self-control , as he arrives accompanied by Iago and other attendants . His exquisite handling of the situation , as an incensed Brabantio collects a number of men to kill him because he has seduced his daughter . There is no malignity , there is no anger , and a disgraceful scuffle is prevented by a man whose stature is such that his mere presence can change hearts . The same dignity is seen when he faces the Venetian senate as an accused defending himself . We find him as a man who is straight-forward and frank , and who utters the truth without any fear . Even the Duke tells Brabantio , If virtue no delighted beauty lack / Your son-in-law is far more fair than black Now , these are the qualities that are absent in the character of the Duke of Ferrara in My Last Duchess . Desdemona speaks abundantly about his courage as well as his dignity and self-control . She paid the finest tribute to Othello 's nobility of character in these words , I saw Othello 's visage in hi mind / And to his honours and his valiant parts / Did I my soul and fortunes consecrate (act1 , scene 3 , 252-254 The Duchess of My Last Duchess ' does not seem to think so sweetly and harbor such kind thoughts for her husband , the greedy and tyrant duke of Ferrara

Othello is simple and straightforward , and demands the same kind of unrighteousness in others . When others do not react with righteousness that he expects , he is massively confused and the consequence is a display of ruinous passions . It is this trait in his character that makes him utter his most terrible line , villain , be sure thou prove my love a whore . In addition to that his unsuspicious nature makes him trust to the point of being foolish , and as tenderly be led by the nose as assess are . His sensitivity and his humility are flaws rather than his strengths , and his inexperience about an unknown society adds to the...

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