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The Construction of Social Reality

An Analysis of John Carpenter 's They Live

The contemporary problem of a society , which has a democratic and liberal political setting alongside a free market economic system , or any society , which gears towards such characterizations , remains to be one that involves what contemporary political thinkers and scholars refer to as the notion of the plurality of values

. Isaiah Berlin , for instance , considers what he called values pluralism as an inevitable consequence of the processes of democratization and liberalization (Gray 23

For the sake of clarity , it is but proper to lay down at the onset the tasks of this . This seeks to explicate John Carpenter 's views regarding the state of modern society in his 1988 film They Live . It aims to give substantive criticisms to Carpenter 's views [as presented within the aforementioned film] on how media and advertising have caused business culture and counterculture to become , essentially , one and the same . In what sense may they be considered as one and the same

Now that the task of this had been laid down , we will now immediately proceed with Carpenter 's views . Prior to discussing Carpenter 's views , it is however , equally important to give a few remarks on commercialism and capitalism . Commercialism , as may be observed , has taken hold of many societies since the inception of globalization and capitalist paradigms on the scene . These current paradigms are paradigms that have met considerably many criticisms and yet were able to flourish . For this reason , it is important to examine the reasons behind the continued existence of such paradigms

Adorno and Horkheimer , for instance , view commercialism as the weapons of capitalism in and through which it is possible to transform a society into a mediocre herd which prefers popular culture 's logic of style and false notions of values such as individuality ' over more pure expressions of truth , as the culprit for the erosion not only of societal values but also of culture . As they see it , commercialism enables the existence of the deceived masses (133

The deception of the masses is a phenomenon that is worth the time to evaluate . How is this phenomenon possible ? It is at this point that media and advertising steps into the scene . In Legal Philosophy fundamental rights are those rights that are inalienable to human persons . An example of this kind of right is the right of free speech The state 's recognition that free speech is a fundamental right that ought to be granted to individuals or citizens of a free democracy has crucial implications on the current problems of any state claiming to be democratic . For one , free speech , by virtue of being a fundamental right , paves the way for differing ideas , worldviews and values . In a liberal and democratic political setting , this is actually...

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