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Compare and/or contrast the viewpoints of Augustine and Boethius.

O Pioneers , addresses itself in large part to that uneasy balance . In the story of Alexandra Bergson the novel measures the potency of the remarkable individual against universal human desires and the forces of national history . Alexandra Bergson 's relationship with the land epitomizes this grand struggle between human agency and the larger forces that manipulate individuals Alexandra exerts her will upon the land even as it bends and shapes her Yet her relationship with the land goes deeper than mere control or influence . She is , to some extent , an incarnation of

the land . At the same time , she seems curiously empty of human emotion and personality

The same uneasiness that manifests itself in the characters relationship with society and history in the story is also present in their relationship with the land . The land , as their home and source of livelihood , constitutes the promise that they sought in moving to the West . The author masterfully gives the land a force and presence of its own , utterly independent , even disdainful , of human settlement "the great fact " of prairie life , she writes in the first chapter "was the land itself " The prairie is characterized by its vast inescapability and undeniable power over those who attempt to exert their will upon it the land itself is what matters , not the people who inhabit it . The author describes the land as something that wants and feels it gives and it takes subjecting the pioneer to every whim and will . In its vastness , the land seems beyond transformation , always holding individual pioneers in its grasp . Yet over time , though no individual pioneer can conquer the land , the cumulative spirit of generations of pioneers is a force unto itself . Through the collective successes and failures of these individuals , the land is indeed transformed

As it...

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