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Paper Topic:

Compare and contrast transformational and charismatic leadership.

Leadership : Charismatic or Transformational

Leadership is , based on the dictionary , defined as the act or ability to stand as a guidance for a group of people . This branch out to different forms , depending on the approach one would apply . For this , the type of leadership to be focused on is the Charismatic and Transformational leadership

Charismatic Leadership refers to how charm and grace is used to allure followers , as defined by the website Changing Minds (2007 . These kinds of leaders believe that it all begins with the self . Before one is able

br to lead , s /he should believe that s /he can . Followers would believe that they are in the same level as these leaders , meaning , they have the same beliefs and justifications . One can say that they would feel like they personally know that leader , and that leader is the right option for him . According to the same site , these kinds of leaders don 't use power or authority

On the other hand , Transformational Leadership refers to using vision and passion as his pillars to accomplish his intentions (changingminds .org , 2007 . Energy boosts his desire , and followers are more attracted to him this way . His vision is the light at the end of the tunnel , and he will lead his people to get there . He is followed because his followers become inspired . The driving force of his wanting to achieve expands to these people

Charismatic and transformational leaders are very different from each other , especially on their approach on how they lead . However unintentional or not , these people are leaders and no matter how they should lead these people , they will

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