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3. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the various measures of personality measurement: the interview, observation, and objective and projective tests.

Personality Assessment Measures Owner

[Pick the date] Personality assessment , defined as the and measurement of individual characteristics , has been divided into four types : interview objective , projective , and observation (behavioral

The interview , has historical precedence over other methods , and was formerly seen as unreliable and subjective . Interviewees are often unwilling to reveal negative things about themselves , and may present different information depending on the style and personal characteristics of the interviewer . On the positive side , an interview can be one of the most direct methods of obtaining information Objective includes

questionnaires such as self-report measures and inventories , is typically the most standardized and strictures method of assessing personality . Questionnaires can be scored quickly and used for group administrations however , they are prone to poor validity when people do not give truthful answers . Projective , which are less standardized , require food clinical judgment in interpretation . This includes the Rorschach test , figure drawings , word association , and sentence completion tests . As there are no right or wrong answers , it is believed that projective techniques are better able to assess and individual 's actual personality characteristics . Behavioral examines present behavior with the expectation that such observation aids in the prediction of future actions . Methods include naturalistic observation analogue observation , self-monitoring , and participant observation

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